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Superior protection with custom-made gum shields in Rotherham

Protect your teeth with a bespoke mouth guard from Wickersley Dental and Implant Practice

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Mouth guards for contact sports

If you or your child enjoys playing a contact sport, you’ll need to invest in a mouth guard to avoid dental injury, trauma or tooth loss. Whether you’re a serious competitor or an avid amateur, a sports guard from Wickersley Dental and Implant Practice is a small investment that could save you a lot of stress, a lot of money and a lot of time off from doing what you love most!

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Cost-effective protection against dental injuries

A custom-made athletic mouth guard provides superior protection for your face, teeth, jaw, and gums – and when you consider that the cost of repairing a dental trauma can often run to thousands, a sports guard is a sensible investment. Getting your bespoke sports guard from Wickersley Dental and Implant Practice will usually require two appointments – one to have your dental impressions taken, which are used by a dental lab to create that perfect fit; and a final appointment at which you can collect and try out your sports guard.

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Why choose a custom sports guard?

Because your custom sports guard is made using your dental impressions, it will fit your mouth precisely and comfortably, and help protect not only against tooth loss and injury, but also against damage to the jaw and even concussion.

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How long will my custom sports guard last?

Children will need to replace their sports guard fairly regularly while their teeth and jaw are still growing. For adults, sports guards will need replacing as and when they begin to look worn – we recommend bringing your sports guard with you to your regular check-up, so that your dentist can assess its condition.

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Can I wear a sports guard with braces?

Yes – because your sports guard is custom-made, it will fit snugly over any brackets or wires without causing any risk of damage or discomfort.

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